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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCIE
Exam Name: CCIE Routing and Switching Written v5.0
Exam Code: 400-101
Total Questions: 1276 Q&As
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2017

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Question No : 17 – (Topic 1)

What is a cause for unicast flooding?
A. Unicast flooding occurs when multicast traffic arrives on a Layer 2 switch that has
directly connected multicast receivers.
B. When PIM snooping is not enabled, unicast flooding occurs on the switch that
interconnects the PIM-enabled routers.
C. A man-in-the-middle attack can cause the ARP cache of an end host to have the wrong
MAC address. Instead of having the MAC address of the default gateway, it has a MAC
address of the man-in-the-middle. This causes all traffic to be unicast flooded through the
man-in-the-middle, which can then sniff all packets.
D. Forwarding table overflow prevents new MAC addresses from being learned, and
packets destined to those MAC addresses are flooded until space becomes available in the
forwarding table.
Answer: D
Causes of Flooding
The very cause of flooding is that destination MAC address of the packet is not in the L2
forwarding table of the switch. In this case the packet will be flooded out of all forwarding
ports in its VLAN (except the port it was received on). Below case studies display most
common reasons for destination MAC address not being known to the switch.
Cause 1: Asymmetric Routing
Large amounts of flooded traffic might saturate low-bandwidth links causing network
performance issues or complete connectivity outage to devices connected across such
low-bandwidth links
Cause 2: Spanning-Tree Protocol Topology Changes
Another common issue caused by flooding is Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) Topology
Change Notification (TCN). TCN is designed to correct forwarding tables after the
forwarding topology has changed. This is necessary to avoid a connectivity outage, as after
a topology change some destinations previously accessible via particular ports might
become accessible via different ports. TCN operates by shortening the forwarding table
aging time, such that if the address is not relearned, it will age out and flooding will occur
Cause 3: Forwarding Table Overflow
Another possible cause of flooding can be overflow of the switch forwarding table. In this
case, new addresses cannot be learned and packets destined to such addresses are
flooded until some space becomes available in the forwarding table. New addresses will
then be learned. This is possible but rare, since most modern switches have large enough
forwarding tables to accommodate MAC addresses for most designs.

Question No : 18 – (Topic 1) Which option describes a limitation of Embedded Packet Capture?
A. It can capture data only on physical interfaces and subinterfaces.
B. It can store only packet data.
C. It can capture multicast packets only on ingress.
D. It can capture multicast packets only on egress.
Answer: C
Restrictions for Embedded Packet Capture
In Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SRE, EPC is supported only on 7200 platform.
EPC only captures multicast packets on ingress and does not capture the
replicated packets on egress.
Currently, the capture file can only be exported off the device; for example, TFTP
or FTP servers and local disk.

Question No : 19 – (Topic 1)  What is the most efficient way to confirm whether microbursts of traffic are occurring?
A. Monitor the output traffic rate using the show interface command.
B. Monitor the output traffic rate using the show controllers command.
C. Check the CPU utilization of the router.
D. Sniff the traffic and plot the packet rate over time.
Answer: D

Micro-bursting is a phenomenon where rapid bursts of data packets are sent in quick
succession, leading to periods of full line-rate transmission that can overflow packet buffers
of the network stack, both in network endpoints and routers and switches inside the
In order to troubleshoot microbursts, you need a packet sniffer that can capture traffic over
a long period of time and allow you to analyze it in the form of a graph which displays the
saturation points (packet rate during microbursts versus total available bandwidth). You can
eventually trace it to the source causing the bursts (e.g. stock trading applications).
Reference: Adam, Paul (2014-07-12). All-in-One CCIE V5 Written Exam Guide (Kindle
Locations 989-994). Kindle Edition.

Question No : 20 – (Topic 1)  Which circumstance can cause packet loss due to a microburst?
A. slow convergence
B. a blocked spanning-tree port
C. process switching
D. insufficient buffers
Answer: D
Micro-bursting is a phenomenon where rapid bursts of data packets are sent in quick
succession, leading to periods of full line-rate transmission that can overflow packet buffers
of the network stack, both in network endpoints and routers and switches inside the
Symptoms of micro bursts will manifest in the form of ignores and/ or overruns (also shown
as accumulated in “input error” counter within show interface output). This is indicative of
receive ring and corresponding packet buffer being overwhelmed due to data bursts
coming in over extremely short period of time (microseconds).

Question No : 21 – (Topic 1)  Which three features require Cisco Express Forwarding? (Choose three.)
B. AutoQoS
C. fragmentation
E. UplinkFast
F. BackboneFast
Answer: A,B,D
Explanation: 400-101 pdf
QoS Features That Require CEF
These class-based QoS features are supported only on routers that run CEF.
•Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) provides intelligent network classification.
For more information, refer to Network Based Application Recognition.
• The AutoQoS -VoIP feature simplifies and speeds up the implementation and provisioning
of QoS for VoIP traffic. This feature is enabled with the help of the auto qos voip command.
CEF must be enabled at the interface or ATM PVC before the auto qos command can be
used. For more information about this feature and its prerequisites, refer to AutoQoS –
From MPLS Fundamentals – Luc De Ghein
Why Is CEF Needed in MPLS Networks?
Concerning MPLS, CEF is special for a certain reason; otherwise, this book would not
explicitly cover it. Labeled packets that enter the router are switched according to the label
forwarding information base (LFIB) on the router. IP packets that enter the router are
switched according to the CEF table on the router. Regardless of whether the packet is
switched according to the LFIB or the CEF table, the outgoing packet can be a labeled
packet or an IP packet

Question No : 22 – (Topic 1)  Which option is the most effective action to avoid packet loss due to microbursts?
A. Implement larger buffers.
B. Install a faster CPU.
C. Install a faster network interface.
D. Configure a larger tx-ring size.
Answer: A
You can’t avoid or prevent them as such without modifying the sending host’s
application/network stack so it smoothes out the bursts. However, you can manage
microbursts by tuning the size of receive buffers / rings to absorb occasional microbursts.

Question No : 23 – (Topic 1)  Refer to the exhibit.
400-101 pdf

Which statement about the debug behavior of the device is true?
A. The device debugs all IP events for
B. The device sends all debugging information for
C. The device sends only NTP debugging information to
D. The device sends debugging information every five seconds.
Answer: A

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators of Plazmic Inc. decide they would like to setup a two node BlackBerry Administration Service cluster in each location. The two nodes in each location will be located on different subnets. What protocol needs to be configured on each BlackBerry Administration Service node to ensure that the two nodes can communicate properly with each other? (Choose one)
A. TCP Multicast
B. UDP Multicast
C. UDPPing
D. Kerberos
E. TCPPing
Correct Answer: D

Softart Microsystems Inc. has migrated their email infrastructure to Exchange 2007. Which Exchange permission must be assigned to the BESAdmin account to allow users on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to send emails? (Choose one)
A. ViewOnlyAdmin
B. Receive As
C. Send As
D. Administer Information Store ActualTests.com
E. DomainAdmin

Correct Answer: D

Softart Microsystems Inc. would like to use a custom port to communicate with the BlackBerry Router in the DMZ. Which three values must be configured in the registry? (Choose three.)
A. \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerryRouter\ServicePort
B. \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Dispatcher \ServicePort
C. \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Router \Port “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – www.actualtests.com 9 BlackBerry BCP-620: Practice Exam
D. \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Dispatcher \NetworkAccessNode
E. \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Dispatcher \TcpPort

Correct Answer: ADE

Given the scenario, what is a recommended method for upgrading to BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 5.0? (Choose one)
A. Perform a backup of the BlackBerry Configuration Database and restore it on a new Microsoft SQL server; run setup.exe to upgrade the backup copy; point the BlackBerry Enterprise Servers to the upgraded database; perform an in-place upgrade
B. Create a new BlackBerry domain and install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server using the same instance name, SRP, and Authentication Key in the new domain.
C. Create a new BlackBerry domain, install a new BlackBerry Enterprise Server using a different SRP and Authentication Key, and use the BlackBerry Enterprise Transport to migrate users
D. Manually upgrade the database schema and perform an in-place upgrade of each BlackBerry Enterprise Server Instance

Correct Answer: 400-101 pdf

TeamOn Systems Inc. wants to ensure that their network is set up properly in order to host the BlackBerry solution. Given their international locations, how should the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances be placed? (Choose one)
A. Two BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances in Texas, one in Hong Kong
B. Two BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances in Australia, one in Texas
C. Three BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances in Hong Kong
D. One BlackBerry Enterprise Server local to each messaging server location
E. One BlackBerry Enterprise Server local to each Microsoft SQL Server location

Correct Answer: D

400-101 pdf

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