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DES-DD23 Specialist – What are the knowledge points of the Implementation Engineer – PowerProtect DD exam?

DES-DD23 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD (DCS-IE) certification.

The EMC DES-DD23 exam is divided into two sections.

Part 1: Needs to be within 90 minutes
After answering 54 questions, the passing score needs to reach 63%.

Part 2: Needs to be done in 30 minutes
6 simulations, 66% of the score is required to pass.

Note that passing both times counts as passing.

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Read DES-DD23 Free Dumps Questions Answers [2022]

Q1. Which of the following protocols are supported by PowerProtect DD for data movement to a cloud provider?

C. VTL and DD Boost

Correct Answer: A

Reference: (7)

Q2. An engineer is deploying two PowerProtect DD6900 systems in an HA pair. The installation includes ES40, DS60, and FS25 expansion shelves. What consideration should be made when cabling the hardware?

A. The FS25 shelf must be fully populated
B. The FS25 shelf should be cabled on a separate chain
C. The DS60 shelf should be cabled on a separate chain
D. The DS60 shelf must be populated with identical drives

Correct Answer: D

Q3. An administrator is migrating their old cloud tier-enabled Data Domain to a new PowerProtect DD appliance with cloud tier. During migration, the administrator recognizes that file system cleaning on the source system is not possible. What is the most likely cause of this behavior?

A. Migration will restrict all activities on source systems.
B. Migration will restrict all activities on both systems.
C. Filesystem is disabled on the source system.
D. Source system is running in restricted mode.

Correct Answer: A

Q4. A backup administrator is tasked with verifying the compression savings of a PowerProtect DD9900.
Which compression algorithm will they see enabled by default?

A. lzw
B. gzfast
C. lz
D. gz

Correct Answer: B


Q5. A storage administrator finished the zoning between the PowerProtect DD and the NetWorker backup server. How can they verify that the zoning was completed properly and that the server HBA is visible?

A. SCSI target initiator show list
B. SCSI target show initiator list
C. SCSI target shows the initiator
D. SCSI target initiator list

Correct Answer: A


Q6. What system role is required to create the second security officer for a PowerProtect DD?

A. admin
B. sysadmin
C. limited-admin
D. security officer

Correct Answer: C

Q7. A PowerProtect DD appliance has been installed at a company\\’s location for several months and has reached a steady state. As a best practice, at what percentage of disk utilization should action be taken?

A. 60%
B. 70%
C. 80%
D. 95%

Correct Answer: C

Q8. DRAG DROP What is the order of steps to configure DD Boost on a PowerProtect DD appliance?



Refer to the exhibit.
Match each action to its call-out location.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Q10. The finance department requires PDFs older than 90 days to be archived through Cloud Tier into Azure Blob Storage. They want any PDFs older than 180 days archived into AWS S3. Which data movement policy is used to archive files into Azure Blob Storage?

A. App-driven
B. Age-based
C. Age-range
D. Recall

Correct Answer: B

Q11. What rule must be followed during an upgrade procedure with the FS25 expansion shelf?

A. FS25 shelf is cabled on a separate private chain
B. For high performance, the connections from a controller to FS25 shelves must be over FC cables
C. FS25 shelf must be on the same chain with DS60
D. If ES40 SAS shelves are on the same chain as an FS25, the maximum number of shelves on that chain is five

Correct Answer: A


Q12. What is the requirement to configure the PowerProtect DD tape out to the cloud feature?

A. Two cloud units
B. Cloud Tier Capacity License
C. Tape Out to Cloud License
D. DDVE in the Cloud

Correct Answer: B

DD VTL supports storing the VTL vault on Cloud Tier storage. To use this functionality, the protection system must be a supported Cloud Tier configuration and have a Cloud Tier license in addition to the VTL license.


Q13. An administrator is configuring a Google Cloud Provider cloud unit on their DD9900. Which certificate must be imported before adding the cloud unit?

A. S3 Flexible
B. Root CA
C. GlobalSign Root R1
D. GlobalSign Root R2

Correct Answer: D


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