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The two are very similar, which is better, CCNA or DevNet?

At this time, it depends on what your goal is.

If your goal is to become a network engineer or administrator, CCNA may be a better option for you. However, if you are interested in working in network programmability and automation, DevNet certification may be a better fit.

Back to the topic, here we are mainly talking about Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, for the 200-901 exam, there are some free exam questions to share with you.

2023 Pass4itSure Cisco (DEVASC) 200-901 latest exam questions share

Question 1:

Which type of HTTP method is used by the Meraki and Webex teams’ APIs to send webhook notifications?





Correct Answer: D


Question 2:

A developer is creating a script to interact with a REST API service which requires basic authentication. The credentials are “devnet:391665405” and the Base64 encoding of the credentials is “GV2bmV0dXNlcjpDaXNj=”. Which payload and header combination must be used for authentication?

200-901 latest exam questions 2

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Correct Answer: B!how-to-authenticate/authorization

Question 3:

A small company has 5 servers and 50 clients. What are two reasons an engineer should split this network into separate client and server subnets? (Choose two.)

A. Subnets will split domains to limit failures.

B. A router will limit the traffic types between the clients and servers.

C. Subnets provide more IP address space for clients and servers.

D. A router will bridge the traffic between clients and servers.

E. Internet access to the servers will be denied on the router.

Correct Answer: AC

Splitting a network into separate client and server subnets can have several benefits. One reason to do so is to use a router to limit the types of traffic that can flow between the clients and servers. This can help to improve network security by restricting access to certain types of resources or services.

Additionally, subnets can provide more IP address space for clients and servers, which can be particularly useful in larger networks where there may be a limited number of available IP addresses.

Question 4:

Refer to the exhibit.

200-901 latest exam questions 4

Which infrastructure automation method is shown?

A. CI/CD pipeline

B. Lean

C. Agile

D. Waterfall

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

What operation is performed with YANG model-driven programmability in NX-OS?

A. configure a device with native and OpenConfig-based models

B. bootstrap a device that has a factory-default configuration

C. send CLI commands to a device and retrieve output in JSON format

D. run Linux commands natively on the device

Correct Answer: A


Question 6:

Within a Bash shell, which command adds the current directory to the PATH without overwriting the current PATH for this shell and any subshells that are spawned from the current shell?

A. export $PATH=PATH:$(pwd)

B. set PATH=$PATH:${pwd}

C. export PATH=$PATH:$(pwc1)

D. set PATH=PATH+$(pwd)

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

During which step of the CI/CD pipeline for infrastructure automation is code from multiple developers combined to compile and test different components?

A. integration

B. deployment

C. development

D. testing

Correct Answer: A


Question 8:

Refer to the exhibit.

200-901 latest exam questions 8

A network engineer executes the bash script shown. Which two things are achieved by running the script? (Choose two.)

A. A directory called PRODUCTION is created.

B. The engineer changes to the parent directory.

C. A YAML file is created.

D. A YAML file is removed.

E. A directory called state.yml is created.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 9:

Refer to the exhibit.

200-901 latest exam questions 9

Which function does the EXPOSE line perform when building an image from this Dockerfile?

A. Local port 8080 of the container that launched with this docker image is accessible from co-hosted containers and external clients.

B. Local port 8080 is not reachable at all because no IP address is specified along with the EXPOSE command of the Dockerfile.

C. Local port 8080 is accessible from other containers running on the same docker host as the container that launched with this docker image.

D. Local port 8080 of the container that launched with this docker image is accessible to external clients.

Correct Answer: C

By default, the EXPOSE instruction does not expose the container\’s ports to be accessible from the host. In other words, it only makes the stated ports available for inter-container interaction.

Whereas publishing a port using either -P or -p exposes it, exposing a port using EXPOSE or Expose does not publish it.

So, while exposed ports can only be accessed internally, published ports can be accessible by external containers and services.

Question 10:

Which model-driven programmability protocol does Cisco IOS XE Software support?





Correct Answer: A

Reference: b_1610_programmability_cg/gnmi_protocol.html

Question 11:

Refer to the exhibit.

200-901 latest exam questions 11

An administrator attempts to perform a GET using the Cisco IOS XE RESTCONF API to return the hostname of a device. The sequence diagram illustrates the HTTP messages observed. Which change to the API request resolves the issue?

A. Remove the -H `Accept: application/yang-data+json\’ HTTP header because it is not required.

B. Add -u cisco:cisco\’ in the end of the cURL command

C. Change the request method from -X “GET” to -X “POST”

D. Add Content-Type HTTP header with `application/yang-data+json\’ using -H `Content-Type: application/yang-data+json\’

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

Which two query types does a client make to a DNS server? (Choose two.)

A. Inverse





Correct Answer: BC

Question 13:

A business needs to create a simulated environment that mimics a production infrastructure to make changes to the OSPF process and analyze the impact. What should be used?

A. Cisco VIRL / Cisco CML

B. Cisco DevNet Sandbox labs

C. pyATS

D. Puppet

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

Package updates from a local server fail to download. However, the same updates work when a much slower external repository is used. Why are local updates failing?

A. The server is running out of disk space.

B. The Internet connection is too slow.

C. The Internet is down at the moment, which causes the local server to not be able to respond.

D. The update utility is trying to use a proxy to access the internal resource.

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

Which CI/CD tool is an automation tool used to build, test, and deploy software?

A. Git

B. Gradle

C. Nagios

D. Jenkins

Correct Answer: D


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