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Exam Code: 70-773
Exam Name: Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R (beta)
Updated: Aug 16, 2017
Q&As: 102

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Here is a high level list of the skills and objectives measured on this Pass4itsure 70–773 dumps:

  • Read and Explore Big Data
  • Read data with R Server
  • Summarize data
  • Visualize data
  • Process Big Data
  • Process data with rxDataStep
  • Perform complex transforms that use transform functions
  • Manage data sets
  • Process text using RML packages
  • Build Predictive Models with ScaleR

70-773 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-773 Dumps Exam Q&As:

An ArcGIS user runs the Central Feature geoprocessing tool on a polygon feature class.
The output feature is far north of the center of the feature classWhy is the output feature off
center of the feature class?
A. There are more polygons in the northern part of the feature class
B. The polygons in the northern part of the feature class are larger
C. The feature class is not in the same promotion as the data frame
D. A weight field is not specified
70-773 exam Answer: D
A user wants to connect new laterals to supply water to newly built houses. What edge type
supports this function?
A. an edge between two junctions
B. a complex edge
C. a subtype of edge
D. a simple edge
Answer: D
Refer to the exhibits.

An ArcGIS user is attempting to create a relationship class between the two tables shown in
the exhibit using POSTAL_CODE and Zip_Code as the origin primary key and destination
foreign keys, respectively. However when the user tries to set the keys Zip_Code does not
appear in the drop-down list of candidate keys What should the user do to successfully
create the relationship class?

A. change the relationship type from non attributed to attributed
B. make sure both tables are in the same geodatabase
C. create data type compatible key fields
D. move both tables to the same feature dataset
70-773 dumps Answer: B
An image that is displayed as draped over a digital elevation model (DEM) in ArcGlobe
appears to be overly pixilated. Which property should be changed to make the image
appear smoother?
A. stretch type
B. resampling method
C. contrast setting
D. unit conversion
Answer: C
A water utility company had received calls from several customers complaining of low
water pressure.Using a geometric network representing the water network, how can an
ArcGIS user determine the most likely location of the problem?
A. place junction flags on each customer water meter and use the Find Common Ancestors
trace task
B. place junction flags on each customer water meter and use the Find Disconnected trace
C. place a junction barrier on each customer water meter and use the Trace Upstream trace
D. place a junction barrier on each customer water meter and use the Find Path upstream
trace task
70-773 pdf Answer: A
Reference: :
A taster contains pixels with decimal values. Which method is used to round raster pixel
values to the nearest whole number?
A. use the Round Up tool (Spatial Analyst), then the Round Down tool (Spatial Analyst)
B. use the Round Down tool (Spatial Analyst), then the Round Up tool (Spatial Analyst)
C. use the Plus tool (Spatial Analyst) to add 1, then the Minus tool (Spatial Analyst) to
subtract 0.5
D. use the Plus tool (Spatial Analyst) to add 0.5, then the int tool (Spatial Analyst) to
truncate to the nearest integer
Answer: B
In the value for the latitude of origin in a projection tile is modified, making the value less
negative (e.g. from -45 to -28). which way does the data move?’
A. north
B. south
C. east
D. west
70-773 vce Answer: B
Using the Spatial Analyst IDW (Inverse Distance Weighted) tool an ArcGIS user
interpolates a point feature class to a raster. The user notices that some high point values
near the edge of the feature class seem to have a dramatic effect on the output. This occurs
even in areas that are far from the high edge values Which two parameters should the user
consider changing in the IDW tool? (Choose two)
A. z-value field
B. search radius
C. power
D. output cell size
E. weight
Answer: D, E
An ArcGIS user receives two shapefiles that are defined with the same projection and
represent features in the same study area. When they are displayed together in ArcMap, the
difference of their locations in coordinate space is so large that they are barely visible when
viewed at their full extent. How can the user determine whether the projections of the
shapefiles are correctly defined?
A. by comparing the shapefiles to a correctly projected dataset that has a large enough
extent to encompass the study area
B. by systematically changing the spatial reference of the data frame until the shapefiles
correctly align
C. by using the Spatial Adjustment toolbar to move the shapefiles to the same part of
coordinate space
D. by examining the metadata of both shapefiles to determine the projection processes
applied to the data1-
70-773 exam Answer: A
An ArcGlS user plans to distribute a series of map documents where the amount of time the
map file can be viewed is limited. Which format should the user create to specify a timeout
period for these maps?
A. .mpk
B. .ipk
C. .pmf
D. .msd
Answer: D
Reference: :
When rematching geocoding results, a user notices that E St is being interpreted as East St.
How should a user resolve this issue for future geocoding?
A. remove the entry defining E to mean east in the geocoding XML files
B. recreate the address locator with new reference data
C. create a composite address locator where E is not recognized as east
D. change E to east in the input table to be geocoded before geocoding

70-773 dumps Answer: C
Reference: :
An ArcGIS user is working with a composite address locator that consists of the following:
– Citywide Address Locator
– Regional Address Locator
– Nationwide Address Locator
How does a composite address locator work if no selection criteria are specified? (Choose
A. searches all locators in sequence
B. searches the largest address locator first C.
searches the smallest address locator first D.
searches until an address is found
E. searches the locator with the closest zone
Answer: B, D
Reference: :
An ArcGIS user created a geoprocessing script in which the output layer’s symbology
property is set to an existing layer file. The user intends to share the tool with another
ArcGIS user. How can the user share the script tool while maintaining the symbology in
the output layer?
A. Share the script tool while the sumbology layer file embedded in it
B. Publish the script tool as a geoprocessing service to ArcGIS Server
C. Distribute the Toolshare folder containing the script tool and related data
D. Upload the script tool as a model to an FTP site
70-773 pdf Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the exhibit shown, what has the author of this map done to improve drawing
A. created annotation
B. applied simple symbology
C. generalized features
D. set scale-dependent rendering
Answer: D
Using street data for a large metropolitan area, which analysis method shows the nearest
hospital to a traffic accident?
A. closest facility
B. route
C. find nearest
D. least-cost path
70-773 vce Answer: A
Reference: :
An AicGIS user is tasked with editing a layer containing a large number of features, using
another layer that is in a different coordinate system as reference. The user adds the layers
in ArcMap and starts an edit session. A warning message about editing data in a different
coordinate system is displayed. What is the most efficient way to edit the data to avoid
potential distortion in the data?
A. change the data frame’s coordinate system to match the coordinate system of the layer
being edited
B. project the reference layer so the coordinate system matches with the one that needs to
be edited
C. georeference the reference layer and start a new edit session
D. create a geodatabase topology with the two layers and add a rule so new data always
snaps to the reference layer
70-773 exam Answer: A
Reference: :

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